Courtesy of Starseed Highway


 Lady Trillia

Princess of Sirius, Daughter of Lord Krishna

Diplomatic Representative of Sirius

Home Isle: Sirius A

Ray: Tenth Ray of Gold

Focus: Expanding the Energies of Peace, The Resurrection of Life Through the Light of Kristos

Symbol: Golden Winged Ankh

House of Gia


One of the main purposes of Starseed Highway is to encourage and support other starseeds in living the truth of who they are.  With that said, I am being encouraged by my higher self, Lady Trillia, and my beloved star family to set aside old fears born of Earth of coming forth to share the truth of who I am in the higher realms. As I begin, there is a great sense of profound freedom and healing within my heart. I walked-in at a young age this lifetime, and I knew this was to be my last mission on Earth. I can see much detail of my first life, when I came to Earth from Sirius long ago during the days of Lemuria if one measures by earth time, yet not so long ago from the perception of my higher self. My Lemurian incarnation was the beginning to what would be ongoing workings of service to expand the Light of God on this tiny star. Many of my people came here together to seed this star, with other brothers and sisters soon following from other parts of this Omniverse. I am like many lighted starseeds, who have come forth from higher dimensions to work as dedicated groundcrew to bring this world to Peace and assist her to ascend into her rightful place within the stars.

Here is a bit of my story from the earthly perspective. Perhaps some of you can relate to what I share… In the comment section below I encourage any starseeds willing to join me in sharing where you are from in the stars to do so… If you are not sure, relax, breath, love and allow yourself to remember, then flow…. ❤

Greetings. I, Trillia, am a conscious starseed from Sirius A who walked-in on Christmas Eve prior to my 4th birthday. As a young child I would play along the creek with elementals, setting up tea parties for my colorful friends. I preferred to be outside in nature always when so young. Often at the age of four to five I would find myself in trouble after climbing onto the backs of horses in the barn, talking in their ears softly, as I stroked their soft skin. I found that I was instantly drawn to or was repelled by many people, especially as I could hear their thoughts and see beautiful colors or dark clouds around them. As a natural empath, I would strive to comfort those who were ill or sad. I often found myself taking on their pains and aches, as they would instantly feel better. It took a long time for me to remember that I could ground their pain through me and easily transmute lower frequencies with the Violet Flame. Remembering how to do this instantly improved my life.

I am like many other starseeds. Most starseeds are greatly affected by the veil, and find they are usually misfits within their own earth family and long for their distant home in which their higher self still dwells. I used to marvel at the radiant tall golden beings that walked with me as their constant presence brought a deep remembrance within me of how loved I am. As a child I assumed all people had these beautiful ones who walked with them. I was always full of questions, and I found myself being reprimanded at church frequently as I would ask questions like “Why are they telling lies about God?”  I did not understand the concept preached so intently that we are to ‘fear God’… how could anyone ever believe such a story?  I would ask “If we are all God’s children, how is Jesus God’s only begotten son?” I would sneak away regularly during church services to retreat within a small unused closet where I had set up my own tiny altar. I would retreat there to connect to God in my own manner. Soon an adult church member discovered my secret, so immediately my personal altar was removed, and I was then made to sing at church services.

My earth mother was a gifted seer, yet was raised a Baptist. This caused more than a bit of conflict within her and our home. She was firmly of the persuasion that one needed the approval of the community, extended family and all other church members to live as God intended us to. Mother hid her God-given gifts as if ashamed of the beauty that she could see and hear. Yet she would gather my two sisters and I up into our family car, and off she would drive us outside of the small town where we had moved, away from the lights to watch the stars in the night sky. She shared stories of how they would twinkle and move across the sky, and that she knew they were our friends watching over us.  I love these precious childhood memories when I would look to the stars and with an open heart find my spirit soaring as I wished upon the stars above.

Our new home in a large Victorian house was haunted by the nice elderly couple who built it. Often my mother and I could see and hear the gentle elderly lady humming as she dusted the fireplace mantels, and see her husband walking down the hallways or through a door. When I would hear the lady softly humming I often smelled lilacs.  I assumed she wore this fragrance, yet the yard still had bushes of lilacs that she had planted close to the house. When my beloved paternal grandmother died, this kind elderly lady sat on the edge of my bed comforting me as I sobbed myself to sleep. As I grew older it was clear to my mother that I too could see and hear things she saw.  For a while that was fine, as long as it was our secret. Then as my gifts continued to developed, I saw within her life, and would ask her about the things I saw and knew of. All this was acceptable, until I saw visions of a horrifying tragedy she had suffered.  As I loved her dearly I sat with her explaining what I saw, as I asked if she needed someone to talk with, telling her how much I loved her. This was the turning point in our relationship as she emotionally pushed me away, not willing to allow anyone into such a private space.

As a young girl I did not understand why the warmth of my mother was gone, replaced since that moment by a distant coldness. Yet recently on the day of her funeral Mother came to me so full of joy, as she danced and skipped in the light. She marveled at her youthful fully healed body giggling in delight. She repeatedly told me she wished she had the words to share with me the immense love she was being bathed within. She said she never imagined it would feel so wonderful on the other side. This brought my heart waves of joy, to know that she was now free from her prison within her very ill body. We chatted about us playing together in the snow when she taught me to make my first snow angel, and shared other joyful memories. She told me how proud she is of me and my beautiful son now grown into a young man. She had not seen him in well over a decade due to her illness, and I was so pleased to know that she had checked in on him. It seemed too soon as a beautiful door opened before her and golden light poured forth bathing her even more. My loving aunt Mary walked out with her hand extended to my mother saying that it was time for her to go. My mother was delighted to see her, and she joyfully stepped forth to take Mary’s hand. Yet just before she did so, she stopped and turned to me, telling me how very much she loves me, and that she always knew who I am.

She told me to call on her if I ever need her, and I in turn told her that she had been the perfect mother for me. I thanked her, telling her that I was blessed by God to have been her daughter. She glowed and smiled broadly, then she took dear Mary’s hand. Together they walked through the door into the radiant Light, and as the doorway closed behind them the Light seemed to fade away. For several weeks after her funeral she sent her love to surround me. I would send her my love in return, knowing both our hearts were healed and free. I am smiling within as I write these words through tearing eyes, as I reflect on the powerful truth that ‘Love always finds its mark’.

The age of twelve was the beginning of several years in which I experienced what I came to call re-occurring progressive dreams.  Perhaps many of you have also experienced these types of dreams as well. My dreams were of lives that were in vivid color and detail regarding subjects that I had not been exposed to. Each life I viewed was full of passion, love, drama and tragedy. I got so I dreaded bedtime, as I knew the visions would begin again where they left off the previous night. Little did I realize when they first began that I was reviewing numerous past lives of my own. I was relieved when these dreams stopped. Yet a few years after I married the nightly viewings began again. If you have ever experienced lucid dreams, then you have an idea of how intense they can be. Yet these lasted for me through entire nights. As I would sit up in bed and sometimes scream or cry out, it began to take a toll on my marriage. I went off to a well-respected spiritual counselor who regressed me. After my session he declared that I was mentally healthy, and that I was simply reviewing past lives. He encouraged me to take notes and to ‘go with the flow’. The relief that I then knew was like a healing balm within me.

Yet as the dreams seemed to come to an end, I began to hear angels singing beautiful hymns, and speaking to me when I awoke in the mornings. My psychic gifts were amplifying, and I found myself delighted with the beauty I found around me and the immense love I was being bathed within. At my favorite park where I would go to quietly pray within the center of a beautiful circle of trees, I asked God and the tree spirits, elementals and animals to forgive all humans, as they do not realize the harm they cause. Suddenly it felt as if a warm hand had slipped within my right hand, and my heart chakra pulsated with the Oneness of Love as I felt connected to everything around me. Opening my eyes I could still feel the hand within mine, yet no one stood there with me except my personal angels and my friends, the trees.

I believed in being me in our marriage, so I would openly share my experiences with my husband. He could not accept anything I shared with him as even remotely possible. He felt that angels only loved and spoke to saints. My husband would ask me, “Who do you think you are?”, as he made a joke of what I was experiencing. It took several years, yet I finally realized that he simply was speaking of how he felt himself to be unworthy. As the saying goes, ‘Change your thoughts and change your world.’ Can you then imagine how he handled my star family and friends within the Galactic Federation of Light and Ascended Masters coming to me on a regular basis? My husband seemed as if he was threatened, wanting all of my energies for himself. My closest friend Nina Jenice would come by regularly, and we would share our remembrances of home and family. Often we would channel for each other. He told me that she was no longer welcome in our home. Soon afterwards my collection of beautiful automatic writings was torn to shreds…and so it seemed was our marriage. As he had for a long time openly ridiculed me to his family, he with his family put together a scheme to, as he promised, ‘to take my son away from me’ in their self-righteous effort to protect my son from a mother they felt lived on the ‘fringe’. It is sad how our unloving limiting thoughts of reality and each other cause such harm. Yet I am sure that my story is not unique from that which many awakening starseeds have lived.

My son was a sensitive and gifted child who could see and hear also beyond the limited five senses. We once stood near the front of our home when he was five years old as we watched an unusual cloud formation above us. Together we saw a disc shaped ship of light fly out of the large cloud and off to the west. He was delighted pointing and jumping in excitement. He used to describe to me what the inside of the great Pleiadian Mothership The White Winds looks like in great detail, and told me that the head commander, Lord Adrigon, was his friend.  His father then felt that this was too much, and ridiculed our son. As many young starseeds do, he shut down to gain his father’s love and approval.  (In retrospect I see a bit of humor in his father’s actions, as he is a starseed. Yet he has not remembered that he comes from Medina, an isle in the Pleiades.) Just before this happened my son’s spiritual mentor and father from his home planet came to me. He gave me my son’s star name, and shared which planet he came to Earth from. He also told me to not worry about his safety, as he was greatly protected and lighted. To this day I have kept a note with his star name and the information of his home above for my son. When he has an interest, it shall be given to him. Since a young age he has been saved from great harm, on several occasions as if angels had carried him to safety.

I will not list the numerous first-hand experiences that I have had throughout my life alone or with friends seeing ships of light, as I prefer to call what most refer to as UFOs. Perhaps I will speak of many of these beautiful sightings of the ships of light and other mystical phenomena I have been blessed to experience at another time. Yet suffice it to say in this moment that when visiting Pinnacle Mountain near Little Rock, Arkansas to complete 11-11-11 energy workings, I went horseback riding at the base of the mountain. Next door to the barn was a famous haunted house where stage coaches used to stop, which drew many tourists wanting to experience a haunted house.The elder female cook was seemingly so exhausted as she repeatedly wiped her brow cooking and serving people at the large wooden table. After a bit of conversation with her she chose to cross over with the angels into the Light.  Suffice it to say, the house is no longer haunted…

I did reach a place of peace within my being, where I was guided to look through time to see in great detail other lives that I had lived on Earth. My first life on Earth was in Lemuria as a young girl who was a gifted crystal healer who communicated with the crystals, stones and nature spirits.  It was in this lifetime that I was blessed with my earth father who was a high government official, to meet the Pleiadians who had come to trade with us. In this current lifetime I have been blessed to again meet again my young Pleiadian friend that I met in Lemuria. He is in the same lifetime and is now a grandfather who has his own ship as a well respected high commander and teacher within the Pleiadian Fleet. He, as His father before Him, sits on numerous Pleiadian and Galactic Councils. Thousands of years have passed on Earth since our first meeting in Lemuria, and I have had many incarnations here. He once told me his age, yet in this moment I do not remember what he told me, yet I know He is one who shall become an Ancient of Days living well over 2000 years as measured in the Pleiades.     

I have viewed in detail multiple lives in Atlantis and my lives during its’ three major destructions. The early part of Atlantis was quite beautiful. Life was a joy for all as all lived within the Oneness, not knowing separation from God. Atlantis was a maternal society where all honored the Mother God. When with love and compassion Mother Earth agreed to take on the souls from the industrial planet Muldec, after they brought their overly industrialized world to destruction, they incarnated on Earth among those of the Light.They brought with them their seeds of destruction, greed and illusions of separation. I was a priestess within the Temple of Truth and Healing, and the Temple of the Violet Flame. The Lighted Priestesses and Priests saw that which was coming to this land. All that could be saved was sent forth and protected as the great Temples of Light arose above to where they would know no harm. Those within the sacred temples sent forth seeds of resurrection, and encodings to awaken the consciousness of mankind when Mother Earth would arise into the Golden Age and be free to shine as the star she was created to be. As previous Atlantean Priestesses and Priests, we again have gathered in this time to complete our workings we established before the final sinking of Atlantis on that day of attack by dark ones, known today as Friday the 13th.

From there I lived many lives in Egypt, thrice as the sister and wife of a Pharaoh. Although I loved Egypt, these were not lives in which I found much happiness. I lived as the daughter of the Prophet Elijah who as a young child would cling to his legs begging him to stay home. I was the prophetess and wife of the Biblical Prophet Isaiah. I lived as Johanna, the younger sister of my beautiful chaste and long-slandered sister, Mary Magdalene, and as a friend of Lord Yeshua (Jesus) since early childhood.  I was a siren, also known as an oracle, in Delphi in Ancient Greece who was greatly blessed to know the Goddess Pallas Athena who walked on Earth in those long ago days.  I came back as an oracle, prophetess or siren as the wife of the Prophet Isaiah.  This was a life full of extreme love yet immense sorrow.  I lived as the daughter of John Dee, taking care of him until his death in England, where I also lived a short lifetime married to King Richard as his wife, Queen Ann Neville, at the time of the War of the Roses.  I was beheaded in France at the beginning of the French Revolution as a young woman of wealth.  I also lived as a Cathar in Southern France.

My favorite lifetime to view, although filled with much sorrow yet immeasurable love, was as Ninianne, the youngest daughter of Merlin, an incarnation of Saint Germain.  Saint Germain came to me on numerous occasions in the 1990’s, and as He called me repeatedly ‘my child’ I was so dense to not really hear what He was telling me…until upon one of His visits He projected visions within me.  Stunned, I looked up at Him with my mouth opened in shock as I asked of Him,”Father?”, and He proudly in delight responded “Yes!” He was so full of joy that I finally saw and remembered. “You are my child, dear daughter,” He said to me. Is it not beautiful that our relationships of family, friends and romantic love continue through time and space? Love crosses all boundaries.

The most recent soul fragment I was sent to Gulpha Gorge to gather in the Land of the Rainbow was a nine year old Native American girl, Nabeena. This tiny girl was shot in the back in four places as she ran in fear from the soldiers. It was after the Civil War had ended and at the hands of US Army troops sent to Hot Springs, Arkansas by President Jackson to rid the land of the indigenous people, so that the bath houses and gambling halls and houses of ill repute could be built for the wealthy. As I gathered her soul fragment within my heart, I was unaware that my neck, back and left hip were healed, allowing me to walk without limping and pain and my left foot dragging behind me upon awakening the next morning. These lives I share are similar to the many lives that I began to review during early childhood, and I honestly did not wish to see my lives as a native American, nor as one sacrificed upon the pyramid in Uxmal, Yucatan by a dark blood thirsty heart eating priest as quite gruesome!  Beloved Lady Claudine sent me there, where I gathered my young soul fragment and faced my fears. I had never before considered that I had been a young child sacrificed to an imaginary god on a pyramid with crowds cheering below, as they truly believed they now would have a good harvest.

As far as past lives on Earth go, each incarnation one reviews brings opportunities to gain from the lessons of that life. We only see that which we need to review and heal… and as we grow from these lessons we each attain soul growth that cannot be gained in the higher realms, that which needs to come to a balance within us. Forgiveness of ourselves and others sets us all free. Each lifetime that I have seen, including those mentioned above and within my progressive re-occurring dreams, contributed to the person that I am today. I encourage all to do so as well, that you may cleanse cellular memories and heal your heart with self-love and forgiveness of yourself and others. From the point of forgiving and releasing the past we each have the opportunity to fill our being more fully with love, understanding and happiness.This is our most important lifetime for each of us thus far on Earth!  I believe that for those who wish to remember their star origins, the process is made much easier as you release and heal old scars held within from times past and forgive that which needs to be forgiven. In the higher frequencies none of us can take with us that which brings us pain and sorrow. By cleansing your being, you set yourself free…free to experience your own multi-dimensionality! When you withdraw all your energies from the past into the present moment, a tremendous explosion of light happens within you.

I have always been strongly driven to be of service to life, yet not within the confines of man-made religious controls, as they just did not fit for me.  My beautiful tall golden angels and star family have always been with me. This is so for all starseeds, as none of us are dropped off and forgotten! Each of us has been divinely gifted with our personal angels along with great beings like Archangel Michael and our star families that love and guide us.  I have been and continue to be over-lighted by many great Beings of unfathomable Love and Light.  I am forever humbled and grateful.  My Father from Sirius A, Lord Krishna, (who as the head of the Ancients of Days is well over 17,000 years old) has come to me throughout the years, as well as my beloved mate from home, Jon DeAir.  Both are my mentors and ascension sponsors during the completion of my Earth missions.  Mother Isis guides me so patiently and wisely, as does Her powerful daughter, Lady Claudine, the Goddess of Change.  It is Lady Claudine who selected the name Starseed Highway as a chosen vehicle in which to introduce our star families and familiarize us with many of the great Light Beings that are here to assist us. Many are those we refer to as Ascended Masters, are friends and family to those most courageous ones who have incarnated on Earth within her transition to her rightful place within the higher heavens manifesting the long awaited Golden Age of Peace.

Please note, that as I ascend and return to my home world, my soul journey was designated by my Higher Self, Princess Bayeth Trillia Ma Ra AquahAh ShoVey Shapadik Gia Kavioush, and spiritual mentors long before this present incarnation on Earth. This is so for all awakening ascending souls upon Earth, as we are the same regardless of the outer flesh garments we may wear. It matters not whether your soul contract is written for you to return home to your family, or if you are one who has chosen to ascend upon our beloved Mother Earth or continue your lessons upon another 3D world.  All of us are of equal value, loved the same by God. To further introduce myself to you, a few honorings given to me from On High follow:

1989, Signal Mountain, Jackson Hole, WY.: Given the experience to witness with Lady Nina the entry of The 12 Solar Lords into the Grand Teton Retreat and with them the great influxes of the Solar Rays for the first time since the fall of Mother Earth. (The name Wyoming translates as The Land Where the Mother God is Loved.)

On Sept. 20, 1994:  Initiated to the Rank of  “Priestess of the White Order of the Violet Flame” by the High Priestess, Lady Amethyst and to the “Sisterhood of the Lotus Rose of Isis” by Mother Isis. “You shall remain in service unto the loyal Sisterhood for all eternity.” ~ Holy Lady Amethyst.

Sept., 1995:  Passed through the Gateway of Wisdom of the Mystery Schools on the Subject of Precipitation at the Grand Teton Retreat. ~ Initiated by Dwjal Khul and Lady Miriam.

1995:  12 Solar Chakras activated and balanced by the Goddess of Change, Lady Claudine.

Feb. 27th, 1996:  Initiated by Mother Isis into “The Sisterhood of the Lotus Rose to Secondary Advancement” in Tucson, Arizona.

April, 1998:  Given the experience to re-energize the Seventh Column in Shamballa that was placed in motion in 1996 ~ from the Hierarchy of Shamballa.  Within Shamballa I was given the high privilege to connect with the Temple of Happiness and Understanding and with the Keeper of this Flame, Lady Joy and Holy Aeolus for the remainder of my existing life. “This is a very high honor given to you for all the work you have done for Terra Earth.”  ~ Honor given by Lord Maitreya, Beloved El Morya, Beloved Holy Aeolus and the Shekinah, Holy Lady Nina. “Let the Power of the Mother ever reside on this planet.” ~ spoken this day by Holy Lady Nina.

11-11-11:  Pinnacle  Mountain, Arkansas. Given the blessing to anchor the Christ Light through the Atlantean Crystalline grid deep within the Heart of Gaia to support the Divine Momentum of Ascension on Earth.

12-12-12: Pinnacle Mountain, Arkansas.  Joined with the Company of Heaven as Sirian emissary to support reactivation of the Northern Sun Disc placed beneath this Master Crystal during days of Atlantis by Sirians, Arcturians and Pleiadians with the Priests and Priestesses serving within the Temples of Light in Atlantis. Both the Northern and Southern Solar Discs now pulsate with the Twelve 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Aspects of Deity associated with the New Earth.

2007 – 2014: Presented and began using the calling forth of the Resurrection Flame Angels and Their White Pillars of Ascension Light, who along with Archangel Michael and His Legions can be utilized to clear up areas of the astral field on Mother Earth contaminated by cemeteries, battles, and other miscreations of man, such as the notorious Trail of Tears and its fields of death at the famed Trail of Tears in Echota, Georgia, and to free entrapped souls into the Light.

Ascension 12-21-14 – Princess Trillia of Sirius A was raised into the honoring as a Lady of Light by Lord Melchizedek. Given at this time the high honor of assisting as an Ascension Counselor of ascending starseeds upon The White Winds, Pleiadian Mothership.

05-01-15 Wesak Celebration: Initiated by Mother Isis to  “High Priestess within the Lotus Rose Sisterhood” for all time. Blessed by Mother Isis with two golden serpentine bracelets upon each upper arm that allows inter-dimensional shifts and vision at great speed. Tiny ruby eyes of the serpents contain power to vanquish all enemies.  A radiant Golden Serpent now spirals within my Solar Spine, and is a Light Body Encoder. The Gold is the liquid of the Sun’s Consciousness itself.




Before incarnating on Mother Earth in this long foretold time of change and expanding freedom, each soul has to go before our Karmic Board to petition to be permitted to do so. Each soul granted this blessing has long prepared to be here. Nothing is left to chance as each one is guided by great Legions of Light in service to our Creator. Each one of us is an emissary from our star family and has earned the reward of the opportunity for soul growth through service to life on and within Mother Earth. It is our personal choice as to whether we fulfill our Earthly assignments. Each has long prepared for the role they now play upon Earth, as each has given similar service upon other planets in need. Many simply anchor the light through their bodies, and that is a very high and needed service.

It is essential to awaken to the remembrance of the truth of who you are, as through the truth of your being you reclaim your God-given inheritance.  Are you not as I, a Being of Light from Stars above and Suns beyond Suns who has selflessly volunteered to assist Mother Earth and Humanity to spiral upward upon the Sacred Inbreath of our Creator? To know again who you are and stand within your truth of your I AM Presence brings to every heart immeasurable healing and the blessings that flow through knowing our star families and loved ones… the remembrance of one’s missions and the acceptance of expanding love within the River of Oneness within your heart.  As 3D Earth fades away, those who ascend into the higher frequencies of Creation shall no longer know separation from the joys, truth, peace, abundance and love of Creation.

I encourage each one to stand in the truth of who you are!  Wash all fears away and trust your intuition. See the unique beauty and gifts given unto you! Know always how loved you are….beyond human comprehension and earthly measures. As you continue to raise your frequencies you soon, if not already, shall be able to experience your own multi-dimensionality quite easily. The remembrance of your IAM Presence and Higher Self is the greatest gift of love you shall ever know. The good news is that we now have more loving assistance than ever from On High. The New Earth is being born within and around you!  May each heart reading my words claim their God-given Freedom and Liberty to shine without restrictions and accomplish their chosen missions.  The time is NOW to Be the multi-dimensional truth of who you are and uplift your heart in JOY!

From my heart to yours I extend the Sign of the Head, the Heart and Hand.

For We Are One. ~ Love,  Trillia Gia

~ ❤ ~

“Trillia is one of the leading angelic channelers of this time.  Trillia is the daughter of Lord Krishna, an incarnation of true Divine Love, teaching of the unity and harmony of the New Mother Gaia, Her cleansing and ascension.  She brings wisdom and knowledge from Beyond the Veil and teaches that the truth is within you,  it is the time for the old Earth manifestos to give way to love and Spirit as the Christ Grid ‘above and below’ Gaia brings profound awakenings to all of us, our collective consciousness that is humanity. This is your journey into the Light.” ~ Altair – Teacher


I am so delighted that you are posting a “Coming Out” message on Starseed Highway dear Trillia Gia. You have already taken the first big step in revealing yourself to the world when you started your blog. Since I have known you my dear friend, both above and below, I have always encouraged you to reveal yourself more, and I know that you have much to give to this world. You have walked with me during many incarnations in this evolution recently past, and have worked with me to bring Christ Consciousness and ascension to 5D to Humankind and to the Mother Earth. While on the Earth, you have been my eyes and ears in the Higher Realms of Light, and I know you there too as a friend. Your self portrait of your Higher Self is a true likeness. I recognized it as you from it’s vibration, as one recognizes the Soul from the eyes. I am so happy that we will now be continuing our close friendship in the Higher Realm. You are a brilliant star in the Heavens my dear Trillia and I love you dearly. — Rananda Kumara.  ❤



This article is copyrighted, but you have permission to share it through any medium as long as it is offered for free, it is not altered, and the proper credit line is included. Thank you. ~ With love, Trillia Gia / Starseed Highway


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