Full Moon Shake Down


A trusted soul mate said the other day ‘I feel discombobulated’. We talked of feelings of disconnection, mood swings that were unsettling and a recurrence of karmic issues we both thought we had lanced, released and laid to rest.

When the cosmic waves soar and everything gets cocooned in a protective layer of higher frequencies, filtering harsh reality is easier. Losing yourself in the peace of meditation can be challenging when there are constant demands and pressures. When we are bombarded with cruelty every day.

I live in East London, a thriving dynamic community around me. Hidden in plain sight I see sick, elderly and addicted people sleeping on the streets. I see cultural clashes, police activity and lost souls. I see the beauty and grace in people whose lives are too harsh, too challenging.

And I see the march of property developers devouring everything cultural, caring and compassionate in…

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