Even if You Don’t Like Gaia Portal…

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Even if you don’t like Gaia Portal, you still may find some helpful words in my interpretations.  My Higher Self aids me in my posts, knowing that my mission is for everyday people, and guides me to expand the words into what others may need.  If you wonder why Gaia Portal messages don’t just say in plain words, what they have to say, well, I agree with you.  ÉirePort Group have explained the multidimensionality of the Gaia messages in a couple of past posts.  I think the following message from ÉirePort Group does that well and  gives us a very positive note.  Dissemination of optimism helps us all and assures that the world we are creating is a happy, loving one.

Following that, I tell you what I get out of the last two Gaia Portal posts, planning to fill in the rest of the March messages in another post.

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