L’AURA PLEIADIAN: “Full Moon in Libra April 11th, 2017 ~ Deep Within”

Dreaming With Dolphins

Full Moon In Libra.png

“It is all about WITHIN YOU.  Harmony within.  Letting go of external appearances as the basis for your own self-esteem.  Knowing that all is a result of within you.  That there is nowhere to hide from yourself.  From what it is you are to clear and bring into greater Harmony within you.  Look deeply at the emotions that arise.  Stay present with your motives.  Open your Heart to the eternal.  The eternal You that lives and breathes in a New Time Line now as the Divine Ascended Being that you already are.  You as your Original Light.”

~L’Aura Pleiadian

The Full Moon in Libra is on April 11 at 3:08 am ADT. Sun Opposite Moon. The energy reveals what is not in perfect Harmony within you. The balance between ~ what is and what is not. Within and your external world. The masculine and feminine within.

Tension, pressure, emotions may…

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