Ascension With Earth – Yosef & COBRA On The Syrian Crisis – 4-9-17

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Below is why Trump has suddenly reversed his political and military position in Syria.

The irony is that the Chinese Elders are in full control of our military via finance; thus making victory in any new foreign war literally an impossible task for the US military (any military for that matter).

Notice to how radical factions in the U.K., France, and the USA have recently reemerge and adopted this sudden aggressive military position in Syria, even though the country is being liberated just fine by Russia, Iran and Turkey.


Control of the divine feminine energy vortex is the only logical explanation to what is an obvious and irrational new political/military position in the Middle East.

The cabal is dying a slow and painful death, and their hospice caretakers in, China and Russia, have requested the mortician be notified to…

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