April 2017 Energy Report ~ The Convergence and Separation of Energy ~ April 9, 2017


By Jennifer Ho, L.Ac., 04/08/2017

Be mindful of your words and thoughts. Energy converging means that manifestation is rapid and pretty much instantaneous.  

Remember we are limitless universal beings. Forget the sky being your limit. The vastness of the universe is our canvas.  The key here is to stay humble, release judgment and don’t be greedy. There is no wrong or right. Everything in divine order and timing.

Energy is converging and separating rapidly and simultaneously.

On one hand, Energy is converging rapidly.  It is becoming laser sharp.  Those of us that are here to do the work, those of us here to herald in the Golden Ages are at a point of critical mass in awakening. It is literally time for us to roll up our sleeves to do the work. 

Up until this point, higher dimensional energies were somewhat intangible to us, despite our understanding and awareness…

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