Hold the Light FOR Syria and Hold Syria IN the Light, 5 of 3 (ok, 5 of ?)… “ANOTHER whole LOAD of Videos about the Syria situation”… Bix Weir, Steve Pieczenik, Robert David Steele

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Here are three more videos which have “entertained” today. Thanks to the many viewers who have sent suggestions to me (very grateful for those).

Of these three, I found the Bix Weir one to be the most “mind opening”, which implies that Trump and company (which likely includes Putin) just committed a “Reverse False Flag” to bring the “anti-Trumpers” into the pro-Trump camp, and that this may be what is needed to wake up the US people and bring the US together. Fascinatingly fascinating!!! Just listen to the first 15-20 minutes, and you’ll get the gist.

No matter what is here, I repeat that I do feel at this moment that it is of primary importance to hold the entire planet in the Light of Cleansing and Healing and Peace. Whatever that means for each. And if you feel any burdens (loads) when reading/viewing these, please click the…

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