As we shift – Heart Frequency ~ April 5, 2017



Oh my, the world is truly a crazy place these days, however…we knew this was coming and  we know the final outcome, don’t we? This is a message from one of my favorite teachers, Sophia Love. She has the uncanny ability to grasp and  recognize concepts that these times are teaching humanity, and does so again with the message below.

Her major teachings have focused on the importance of how we learn Love, Personal Sovereignty, and perhaps our final lesson from Sophia will be that of…Forgiveness! Let’s think about this a tad…of what real value is love, self-love and development of your own sovereignty IF you cannot forgive?

Who needs to be forgiven? Well…everyone including YOU! I forgive myself for those traits within myself that I do NOT like. Does that mean I accept myself for how I AM? Well, yes because NO ONE does “me” like I do!

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