Evolving Higher – 02-Apr-2017 ~ April 2, 2017


Kara from Soulstice Rising, offers us a LOT of good advice in this article, I found many good important points that are worth hearing again, and again, and again…

Please read, learn your path to true JOY, and…


Just because the Equinox has come and gone, according to man-made time, please remember that there is no time in the higher dimensions…thus, we are still being affected by this powerful energy. The Equinox is giving us a big push into the higher dimensions, as much as they are within us. They are helping us to separate from the 3D world of duality. The New is Soul-based; the old is ego-based. The New has nothing to do with old programs, beliefs or thoughts. It is fresh and we can’t take the old and expect to create the New from it. We have been shown where we are still attached to the…

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  1. Kara Shallock: Evolving Higher, 4.02.17 | Blue Dragon Journal Says:

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