Transmute Hate to Love


People can hurt our feelings with a look, cruel words or behaviour. How we respond is about us not them. If you feel anger, release it, have a rant with a trusted loved one, meditate, exercise, get it out your system.

Hate becomes dark, nasty, sticky energy in our mind body soul system. It will corrupt us from the inside out. Hate becomes bitterness. It is sour and toxic.

We only damage ourselves by indulging it for too long. Step away quietly from the individual, create space between you. Protect yourself. To go back for more is to enable them and subjugate yourself.

Only we can set our own boundaries of self respect, no one else. Stay tuned to love frequency despite any efforts to bring you down or make you feel low.

Mantra: I feel hurt, I feel angry, I feel low, I release these emotions and draw in…

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