“Today I F*cked Up” – John Jerryson

The Way of Love Blog

NOTE BY NANCY:  As an esoteric astrologer, I found this personal story to exemplify the fallacy of 3rd dimensional thinking.   Each individual incarnated on this planet was born carrying a Soul Purpose—stating WHY our Spiritual Guides allowed us to incarnate on this planet.  Studying many astrological natal charts reveals evidence of our individual uniqueness.  We each are a vital Part of the Whole Divine Plan.  When we F*ck Up as this young man did, our role in the Divine Plan is not fulfilled.   We, and others, suffer as a result.

 One of the ways 3rd dimensional consciousness controls us is to convince us to accept being a debt slave as “that’s life … accept it!”  One way by which we are controlled is to become an organizational man/woman–“You give us your life and talents and we will give you a big salary.”  This young man buying into…

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