Kp Message 3-27-17… “Live by the na’au”

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I’m not sure what this will actually be about, but I felt pretty strongly that some words were trying to come out of the closet (What closet? I guess we’ll see…).

This has been a flowing day, in some ways. There was a method for going through it, and I ended up at Hapuna Beach, where I caught a couple waves, duck dived under several larger ones, and found out I could enjoy-urvive all of it (enjoy + survive). I love being in the waves, especially when they’re big enough to be of the non-tourist type.

That’s not why I’m writing this. But I’m still not sure why I am writing this. Maybe I’ll find out later.

But one thing I know for sure, this process we’re all going through right now… for me, it means staying flexible, yet firm in stance that I will follow my own Inner Light…

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