Cobra Update 3-28-17… “Short Situation Update”… “Justice of Maat!”

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This one is BIG TIME, baby!! I felt I had to post this one today, even though I thought I was taking a “robot blogger” day off (link).

Thanks to CAC who pointed this one out.

“After „tasting the medicine“, David Rockefeller, the head of the Rockefeller faction of the Cabal, had a heart failure and left the planet… He is currently on the plasma plane, trying to escape from the Light forces and he is expected to be captured within a week and taken to the Galactic Central Sun.

“George Bush Sr., Henry Kissinger and Dick Cheney are expected to follow him relatively soon, in that particular order… there are [now] only about 180 members of the Chimera group left on the planet. They are a small and yet very powerful and dangerous group

“Regardless of their efforts, Disclosure process continues. NASA has released photos of Saturn’s…

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