Rockefeller & false flag London 


Ding dong the witch is dead and the internet is buzzing with rumours and revelations. The death of David Rockefeller, rumoured head of the 13 families of the cabal, is a marker heralding the end of their long campaign of control. Today we see panic on the streets of London. Terrorist attack at Westminster. We are bombarded by a pantomime of fear drama, just as the internet gets flooded with investigation and illumination of who and what Rockefeller was.

Once again they try to distract us with fear and violence just when many are about to see truth.

Rockefeller is still the real news. His death is a quantum signpost of awakening and ultimately freedom.

The head of the snake is dead, we make sure it doesn’t grow a new one. Keep signing petitions, demonstrating for equal rights, researching and talking about all the uncomfortable truths in this world, finding…

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