The Equinox ~ A Breakthrough is Near ~ March 18, 2017


Posted by SpiritLibrary, 03/17/2017

By Karen Downing

How do you know when you are approaching a significant breakthrough? There are 3 main signs that you can look for externally and internally. The difficult in pinpointing these signs often lies in how they are expressed: in balanced opposition.

The universe is a finely tuned balance of all things, at all times. And so, when a breakthrough is near, everything is amplified. This means that you can experience confusion along with clarity, heightened emotion along with detachment, calm along with urgency, and so forth.

A breakthrough is an enhancement, and as humanity is primed to burst into a new reality, the foreshadow of this upcoming breakthrough can feel both bumpy and calm at the same time. It has been said by many that the planet has been experiencing steady waves of energy in these last few years. It is important to remember…

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