Message To You From Venus ~ New Energy of Awakening ~ March 16, 2017


Posted by eraoflight, 03/16/2017

By Tania Grabrielle

Intentions create a void – an opening for you to rearrange your life.

In order for new energies to be integrated, the old ones have to be dis-ordered… which creates chaos.

The more high vibration energy you bring in, the more light you shine on what needs to be cleared.

With Venus, the planet of Love, Beauty and Abundance, in retrograde, we are being prompted more than ever to feel, act and speak from the heart.

Venus’ message during this retrograde is:

Hold intentions for EVERY moment of your life.

Hold intentions for Love.

Hold intentions for Prosperity.

Hold intentions for Joy.

Have strong energy boundaries.

Strong intentions enable you to forge a NEW path and allow this new energy of Awakening to grow and expand.

A strong intention opens a new space for you to FILL with what you want to create.


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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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