Prepare for Equinox Energy Gateway ~ March 15, 2017


By Selacia, 03/15/2017

This Equinox is a key energy threshold that offers a gateway into a new future allowing for more balance and new beginnings. Here are some preparations you can put in motion now to benefit in the highest way.

Equinox, as a reminder, occurs each March and September, signaling a change in seasons and a new beginning. It’s much more than a date on a calendar, especially now.

These times are unique, to be sure. The first weeks of 2017 have been filled with a parade of surprising events and an underlying sense of urgency about where our world is headed. As I wrote about in “2017 Predictions,” these are unprecedented moments with a lot at stake. Each of us has a role to play in creating the world we want, and simultaneously living our best lives – guided by spirit.

With polarity and division becoming increasingly…

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One Response to “Prepare for Equinox Energy Gateway ~ March 15, 2017”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    We are ready to listen in quietude and wholeness. A complete oneness rests within us. Preparing with our hands, we have readied ourselves for 62 years for this moment. It is upon us with gratitude and thanksgiving.

    Tom and Donna

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