Message From Lumerian Seed Crystal ~ When The Heart is Opened to The Seeker ~ March 11, 2017


By Zoe Davenport, 03/11/2017


We have been here throughout the entire history of time – gathering and collecting data on the evolutions of the human cycle and sending back through the light codes to other planets. This is why many star seeds started to incarnate before and after mass destructions recorded in history.

To hold the light on various portal points around the Earth and this is very much still being done today.

Many of you heard the call, unfortunately the cycle was too low for many to remember their paths and inceptions points and got caught up in the lower vibrations and karmic cycles.  As with each new cycle and evolution there comes a point in history when it reaches mass breathing point – either the collective work through the energy and come to a understanding of peace and working together as all pieces or revealed or destruction…

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