Kp Message 3-9-17… “Why am I even writing anything?

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That’s only a question I’m asking myself, at the moment.

Today has felt like an extremely long day. And I felt a strong need to lie down at about 3 PM. So I did, for an hour or so. Yes the day has felt very heavy in some ways, and not at all “freeing”. Like walking through a inner (and outer) mud.

So why am I even writing anything, I asked myself as I trudged through maybe 3 posts today. Sometimes all the “stuff” appearing around the internet tubes is just so not-relevant to what I really am… and who we really are (BEings of Light and Energy and all that).

Then there’s times I just feel like “getting away” and physically flying somewhere for a few days to (try to) get out of the continual, “Hey, look what’s going on over there” or the “My God, that’s so…

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