Imminent Change ~ March 7, 2017


Thank to for this one! Please read, and…


Via Helios Journal

I think we (collectively, us human beings on this planet) have gotten to a point where we are all being prodded to look to our very core, our very foundations, to question who we are and what our purpose is here. I think this is a natural process, and some people are more aware of it at different levels than others.

There is a motive force behind this, and it’s evident everywhere. It’s shaking things up. For many people, we’ll see this in world governments and politics, now so evidently rife with corruption now finally coming to the surface. There is nothing left for these systems but to change.

Anyway, whatever the motive force is, we have to recognize at some point that we are not the ones in control here. We live on a gigantic beautiful…

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