Quantum Leap into The Equinox Stargate ~ March 5, 2017



By Meg Benedicte, 03/05/2017

Since the powerful Eclipse events in February, we have been bombarded with divine photonic light integration – into the heart, into the cells and into the human energy field. This Light infusion sweeps all lower consciousness up to the surface for release. Imagine it operates like ‘oil on water’…as the old dense emotions, thought forms and behavior patterns rise to be swept away.

Not only is this occurring in our personal field, but also in the collective field. The massive resurgence of out-dated 3D timelines and holographic realities are being skimmed off the top. No longer tenable, these destructive timelines are fracturing and splitting apart at the seams. Just when one timeline appears to land, get traction, then poof! It dissolves away. As Gaia continues her evolutionary spiral into higher dimensional frequencies, all lower polarized events lose traction.

This can feel a bit crazy-making unless you…

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