Regarding “The Energies”… Jack (the horse) 3-3-17… “Trial by Fire”

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jack_and_jean_240_1 Jack, the horse, and Jean Rockefeller

Thanks to Alia for sending this to me. Relates to this recent post, and this one. Very illuminating, for myself, at least, about the current energetic environment. And what to anticipate in 2017. Also, her (actually, Jack’s) reading of Donald Trump is exactly what I have been getting for some time. So contact the TAPT if you have challenges reading the parts where the “T word” is mentioned.

“For many individuals, 2016 was a year of great cleansing. It may have been uncomfortable and, at times, nearly intolerable but you survived, did you not? The purpose was meaningful as 2016 was a year dedicated to cleansing the ego, pushing one towards higher energies. As we move into into lighter energies, one cannot carry with them the baggage the ego chooses to hold. For some, 2016 gave one a forceful yet gentle push.

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