Energy Update ~ Timeline Jumping, Doors Opening and Old Closing, Part 2 ~ Feb. 28, 2017



Energy Update – Where are we at now? TIME LINE ‘JUMPING’ -DOORS OPENING and OLD CLOSING Pt 2
Anastacia-Blue Beyond – 28th February 2017 – Time-Line Completion/Healing Pt 1 – 24th Feb
We are pushing so far into the future (opening new doors) to bring up so much from past timeline/s and generational as well which can = can feel like one is going ‘nuts’.

Until one has in-sight of what is going on with the bigger picture and Beyond.

Don’t stop or resist this ‘jumping’ – go with this!! Work within your means with the basics in life to keep going!

This is our Golden opportunity right now to to push us to a new level within all we are.

There as just so many facets of the old past timeline, this is not just one big completion!

This is so much of our past in many areas where we…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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