Keepers of the Golden Rays ~ Your Planet is Now in Transition to a Higher Way ~ Feb. 26, 2017

Rose Rambles...


By Sunaya/Susan, 02/25/2017

Channeling on Chemtrails

We called you to come forward and you have responded, despite your doubt and hesitation. We commend you for this.

You have been triggered to consider your connection to us, the Keepers of the Golden Rays – or the rays of the sun as you once knew it. We are the collective force responsible for the maintenance and calibration of these Divine Rays.

So many of you have noticed the difference in the light of your sun of late. You have commented on it to others, baffled by their lack of enthusiasm for what is so plain for you to see. We are calling your forward now to put a voice to this, for it is a crime against Mother Earth and all its residents that the light of the sun is being kept from you now. You know, in your heart, why this…

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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