Wild Energies! Changes in Partnerships and the End of Duality ~ Feb. 22, 2017


Anger up to rage, deep sadness and sexual energies and urges accompanied with intense physical symptoms such as the Ascension Flu, ringing ears, extreme fatigue are currently flaring up. Relationships and Partnerships are tested to the bone. Lots of breakups, fights, but also reconnections are taking place. Along with it comes a feeling of division within. An inability to take a decision or move into a certain direction. We feel frozen. As if angel and devil on our shoulders were having a heated discussion that leaves us confused in the middle with the feeling: “You know what guys, I am not going to do anything until you’ve come to an agreement”. Others are just experiencing pure bliss. What is going on?

If I had to put a guiding principle to the deeper meaning of the energetic gateway we are currently in, it would be authenticity. That is what we are…

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