Eclipse Stargate ~ Window of Transformation ~ Feb. 18, 2017



By Meg Benedicte, 02/16/2017

We are in the midst of the first eclipse stargate of 2017. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in 22 º Leo launched the eclipse window on February 10th. This year’s powerful eclipse activity on the Leo-Aquarius axis is stirring up deep-seeded memories of past-life trauma during the collapse of Atlantis.

With the timely discovery of the lost civilization in Antarctica, traumatic memory of destruction has been unleashed in the collective field. This is an opportune moment to shift from ‘destructive energies’ into more positive, constructive visions and actions for the enhancement of all life on the planet. While the eclipse stargate is open, you can greatly affect the direction of human evolution and enlightenment.

The eclipse window concludes early morning on Feb 26th with a Solar Eclipse at 8 º Pisces, emphasizing increased sensitivity. A solar eclipse represents the end of one cycle and the…

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