Montague Keen ~ Take Back Your Power! Without Your Energy, The Cabal is Useless ~ Feb. 16, 2017



By Veronica Keen, 02/15/2017

As the Cabal struggles for its survival, it is using humanity to help it to continue to exist on Earth. Your anger and marching produces enormous ENERGY for those that they are using to hasten your demise. Your anger is contributing to the removal of the human race from the Earth. Ask yourselves, is this what you want to achieve? You are being played off against each other, every possible so-called difference is being used to create such anger.

Fear is also used and you foolishly buy into it, again and again. Cancer is a WEAPON that is used to create fear. It is constantly on your TVs and in your newspapers, right in your face, creating fear. CANCER IS A VERY PROFITABLE BUSINESS. They have no intention of producing a cure. It is far too profitable a business to do that. All you have to…

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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