Get Ready for a Major Shift Happening ~ Feb. 13, 2017



By Nikki Colombo, 02/13/2017
Editor – Contact Online Magazine

Those who have awakened will feel this on all different levels, those who have not awakened will find themselves extremely pressurized and unhappy and will be seeking immediate communication with the higher realms and some will not feel anything at all.

This Event will profoundly alter our energy field and directly impacts the future evolution timelines resulting in the earth body being anchored into new time and space.

Our Chakras correlate will the dimensions/dimensional frequency bands which coincide with the octaves like on the piano scale.

The first 3 Chakras are dissolving along with 1d, 2d and 3d. Chakras have cones of light, like our eyes, they “see” multidimensionally.

Each dimension has a double frequency, so as this 3d splits its called Bifurcation of Time.

Those on the spiral up will have a different identity existing in a different level on…

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