Energy Update ~ Waves of Higher Frequencies, Realignment of Our Heart & Throat Chakras ~ Feb. 13, 2017


By Morag, 02/13/2017
Guest writer,

Waves of higher frequencies are flowing all around and through us. Realignment of our heart and throat chakras is occurring daily. Time slippage, erratic sleep patterns, persistent coughs, heart palpitations and headaches can be experienced during these waves of recalibration.

Reduce matrix toxins in or around your system. Avoid fake foods, florescent lighting, chemical cleaners, doing too much or doing too little. Plant your feet firmly on the ground, move through your daily life one step at a time. Manage your ego, anxiety and stress with exercise, meditation, nature, love and laughter.

Our throat chakras are being upgraded. We are finding our voice. As a people, and as individuals. Open your chakra by raising your chin, breathing into throat chest stomach and releeeeaaaase on the exhale. Let the chakra breathe, balance and strengthen.

Like a baby learning to walk, the evolution of our throat chakras…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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