Lisa Transcendance Brown – Intentionally Opening & Closing Portals – 2-13-17

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Lisa Transcendance Brown   –   Intentionally Opening,  Closing Portals   –   2-13-17


The human aspect does not understand how portals work, because the heart and mind must be COMPLETELY open for portals to activate and become visible/accessible….

Each’s Universe will open a portal and provide OPPORTUNITY for each to grab, to utilize, to create and unite from within.

Humans are always seeking something else and through an unconscious program nothing’s ever good enough, it always wants “more”. More comes as each embraces what they already have and “learns” how to utilize absolutely everything in accordance to highest consciousness existence here.

A portal will close when one ignores these gifts provided because “that” doesn’t conform to their human beliefs and mentalities of “how all works”….. The human misses the point and wants the easy way, instead of doing the necessary work… that’s not how this works….


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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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