The Event Is More of the Same ~ And That’s a Good Thing

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We each create our own reality within a framework of probable realities for the planet and ourselves.  Therefore, our personal future on Earth must be within the probable Earth futures.  For example, for the last fifty years, Earth has been hit hard with transformational energies from our sun and many other powerful sources.  Those energies have transformed her people and her whole self.  The people have had no choice but to go along with her in the Transformation, either increasing vibrations of their body/emotions/mind/soul complex in real time or if their vibrations can’t handle it and they can’t shift, then dying (dropping body) and reincarnating in a higher frequency multidimensional energetic configuration, body and all prepared to better survive the Transformation period.

The longer those with dark vibrations have remained here, the harder it’s been on them, until now, they are sick, dragging out death, still trying to implement their…

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