Antarctica: Operation Tabarin and What the Brits Found

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“Germany lost the European war in 1945 in order to win the South Polar one in 1947.” — Comment at

Trivia Question: At the time of Germany’s surrender in 1945, who was her president? If your knee-jerk response was “Adolf Hitler,” well, sorry, but thanks for playing. A few days before his escape — and shall we all now stop pretending that the Führer committed suicide on April 30, 1945? Thank you — Hitler nominated his Supreme Commander of the Navy, Karl Dönitz as his successor, alternatively spelled “Doenitz” or “Donitz” in the internet literature.

Supreme Commander of the Navy, Karl Dönitz (Photo: Wikipedia)

Dönitz has gone down in history as the commander of the awe-inspiring German U-boat Machine. He was fiercely loyal to the Nazi party and continued to recognize Hitler as his Führer long after Hitler’s supposed death. He had good reason…

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