You Don’t Need a Leader – Lead Yourself

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Source:Waking Times | by Sylvain Lamoureux

headlessI read and read and read many things. I watch, I listen and I always find it amazing how easily people can be led to believe, repeat and defend something regardless of logic or fact. It matters not how intelligent one is or assumes, how old they are, for they have been told by reputable sources that X is true. Now, “reputable sources” could be questionable, and X may not actually be true but if it “Feels” true, then it must be. Part of that feeling is the part of our program which is open to drama and conflict, for separation is the name of the game and division is the main strategy.

The mainstream media (MSM) does its part in this separation as it seems to convince people that they are divided. Be it in politics, wars, education, culture, media, the…

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