Schumann Resonance Spike Self-Care ~ Feb. 9, 2017



By Dana Mrkich, 02/08/2017

All year so far I’ve been needing to spend a lot more time near the ocean and in it. So it’s been interesting finding out that the Schumann Resonance has been (literally) off the charts, because there is a direct connection between the SR’s effect on us and our innate need to keep ourselves in harmony with it (which sea air, salt water and nature time helps do).

We feel best when our frequency is in harmony with the frequency of the SR. Environmental pollutants (anything from dust and mould, to wifi and cell phones) have a jarring effect on our natural frequency, influencing our health and moods. The gap between our ‘altered unnatural frequency’ and our ‘natural in harmony with the Earth and SR’ frequency is already under stress especially where we spend a lot of time surrounded by technology and not enough time unplugged…

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