” Our Evolution ” ~ Feb. 9, 2017



Dearest Hearts,

What a fascinating and raucous beginning to this New Life Cycle we’ve launched into. I felt prompted to wait and feel into this new energy, this new way, this evolution of life we have entered before writing this.

Once again we embark on a journey down unknown paths laden with phenomena and circumstances promising to pull at every string of our hearts and rub against all outstanding emotion. The blessing is that many are going forward radically changed.

Many of us are entering into this new cycle abiding more congruently and joyfully with the Spirit of our true natures (after an intense decade of the opposite,) knowing more clearly and feeling more deeply the unrestricted Truth about our existence, our value and worth…ready now to enter into whatsoever is put before us with heightened consciousness, creativity and Love.

Personally, always a work in progress, I am grateful…

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