Message for The 1st Wave Ascension Crew ~ Recreating Eden ~ Dec. 1, 2016

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Posted by Iconoclast, 12/01/2016

In my last post, Message for the 1st Wave Ascension Crew: the Centrifuge I talked about how a centrifuge separates out densities from a liquid. The collective is going through a centrifugal spin as they are suddenly faced with a choice: love or fear, which is really a choice of the level of awareness that you wish to be on. We are all facing the same choice: to evolve to a new level of awareness, which knows only love, or to descend to the level of unconscious fear. Fear is always unconscious. Love is always conscious. When presented with this choice in a decision in daily life, a path that leads to more separation represents the lower energy of fear, while a path that leads to more connection—a path with heart—is the path of love. The choice is clear. Fear, or rather, human-based fear (fear…

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Our Galactic Family ~ A Message to The People: The Voice of Love ~ Dec. 1, 2016

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Our Galactic Family

Monday, November 28th, 2016

Channel: Shining Star


A message to the people: The Voice of Love

Listen to the voice of love that exists within you, within me, yes, it is within all of us, regardless of our gender or nationality. We all have the gift to be born with the Voice of Love within us, if we only dare and want to listen to it. Often it is very weak, since we do not think we are worth it. The belief that we must fulfill certain requirements in order to be worthy of it – all of this belong to the illusion.

Love is your and my birthright regardless of who you are or where you come from. We all want to experience it. Many seek it outside of themselves, unawares that first you have to find it within one’s own heart first in order…

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EARTHABLES: “6 Compelling Signs You’ve Lived Many Past Lives”

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Many people around the world, including Buddhists among others, believe in reincarnation or rebirth, the belief that every human has a soul that is continually born again into new life forms as it travels on its karmic path in order to reach a state of “perfect enlightenment.”

If perfect enlightenment is reached, the soul will cease to be reborn because it has fulfilled its destiny of perfection.

Have you ever felt that you might be an “old soul,” that is someone who has reincarnated many times?

These 6 compelling signs say that’s probably true.

Recurring dreams

If you tend to have recurring dreams, especially about people or places you’ve never met or visited in real life but somehow they seem extremely familiar, that could be because your subconscious is recalling experiences of previous lives.

Your intuition is highly developed

Intuition is believed to come from the ability to tap into…

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The Peaceful Child? — Unicorn Dreaming

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Originally posted on The Creator Writings: You can spend your life on Earth like a child with no boundaries….arguing, fighting, blaming and with anger. Or…you can rest in the peaceful knowledge that all is as it should be in The Universe and, if things are not flowing the way you feel they should, the tide…

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December: Every Day is a #NoDAPL Day of Action — Sacred Stone Camp – Iŋyaŋ Wakháŋagapi Othí

On November 20th the police and National Guard violently attacked peaceful water protectors at Standing Rock. Police used tear gas, rubber bullets, pepper spray, sound grenades, and sprayed them with water cannons in subfreezing conditions, hundreds of people were injured. You can read more about the what happened here. Read more

Source: December: Every Day is a #NoDAPL Day of Action — Sacred Stone Camp – Iŋyaŋ Wakháŋagapi Othí

The Transmigration of the Soul – Bealtaine Cottage ~ Home of Goddess Permaculture and Earth Healing

The Romans conquered Europe, but resolutely refused to invade Ireland, despite ruling England, Wales and Scotland for several hundred years. Recently I have made a concerted effort to find out why …

Source: The Transmigration of the Soul – Bealtaine Cottage ~ Home of Goddess Permaculture and Earth Healing

View from the Edge of the World – Bealtaine Cottage ~ Home of Goddess Permaculture and Earth Healing

“It is uncanny how many parallels with modern day life can be drawn from the novels,  ‘Imperium’ and ‘Lustrum’…(the third in the trilogy is yet to be published).” Read more

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Source: View from the Edge of the World – Bealtaine Cottage ~ Home of Goddess Permaculture and Earth Healing

Gaia Portal ~ Continuing Enlightenment Brings Freedom

The New Earth Blog ~ Living in the New Energy

It’s all about bringing Freedom to our New Earth.  The People are creating it!


Softness of Inner Gaia inhabitants transmits to the surface


Softness of Inner Gaia inhabitants transmits to the surface.

Who lives in Inner Gaia?  There are the Agarthians, for sure.  I’ve heard that some elder Mayans do.  We shall see, as we are told more about our planet and our history, and as people show themselves, as they feel it is prudent to do so.  They are not so harsh as we had become.  These qualities are transmitted up to us:  acceptance of differences; compassion; kindness and love; helpfulness; appreciation for beauty, spiritual strengths and unique qualities, freedom and all life.  Do you feel them?

Hue-beings respond in the moment.

The awakened fourth density people intuitively respond to the energies transmitted up to us.

hu-beings collapse the veil.

The veil is the separation of us from…

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Every tree in the forest has a story to tell.



“Every tree in the forest has a story to tell.
Some of them were burnt but they endured the fire and got revived;
some of them were cut, their barks injured,
some people pick up their leaves to make medicines for their sicknesses,
birds used their leaves to make their nests, etc.
Upon all these, the tree is still tree!”

~ Israelmore Ayivor

Photo & text credit: Harmony

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Are you a Walk-in Soul?

Sacred Ascension - Key of Life - Secrets of the Universe

Greetings Everyone!  Today I would like to talk with you about a very interesting, fascinating and at times controversial topic of – WALK IN’S I am guided to share this information with all of you because in the months and years to come, more and more people will begin experiencing this phenomenon of the original soul leaving the body and another soul taking its place.

Recently I have begun receiving healing session requests from various people who have or are experiencing a transference of souls within one body. All of them describe similar experiences over and over again.

The experience most often than not begins with a traumatic event. A burnout at the job. A loss of a close family member. An illness. A loss of a romantic relationship. Feeling of loss overwhelms an individual and they cannot find their ground. Various emotional and physical triggers ensue that literally drive…

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