End of The Year Shifts: Symptoms & Pains As We Move Out of The (Zero Zone Transitional Period) ~ Nov. 29, 2016

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Posted by Mikey Murdock, 11/26/2016

Further November 2016 Shifts: More Brutal (Flu) Pains During The Last Week, As We Move Out Of The (Zero Zone Transitional Period). I Know You’ve All Felt It.

I’ve once again decided to start this off by showing a bunch of smiley people doing various actions, some include being ill. While other’s include revealing their shocked faces at all of this new energy, as well as holding up signs that read “WTF“. I’m sure many (Light-workers) and (Forerunners of the forerunners) have been wondering what the hell has been going on during the last week or so.  Some of you already know, while other’s of you don’t. All is fine, and all is precisely where it needs to be. However it doesn’t mean all of this hasn’t been painful. Because it has: let me fill you in on something about evolution – it is…

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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