Energy Update ~ Super Charging Crystals & Crystalline Gridwork ~ Nov. 28, 2016

Rose Rambles...


By Lisa Brown, 11/28/2016

Wide Open – Full Blown

Super Charging Crystals/Crystalline Gridwork.

Our Quantum Light Cells are like spastic jumping beans… going ballistic as we jump huge, running PURE SOURCE/SOULar Light Through our Crystalline LightBody Structures/cells and activate StarGates to link up too!!!!!!

These affect the Earth too… Observe all the movement. Mega high frequencies… we are going higher in frequency fast! ♥

LightBody Tuning began about an hour ago loves. We are raising now and AS the NEW Earth Gridwork, we will connect back up at a much higher frequency than ever before! Unified Field starting to connect up more too… easy, breezy, flowing, synchronization occurs. Super high Photonic/Electromagnetic Light integrates into our structures… our computers (crystals) are sych’ing up too! Re-calibration time and templates will now adjust as well. Zap Zap Zap for some. Your field will “reach out” and adjust to external stimuli more during the tuning…

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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