LOVE Is The Energy Source That Puts It All In Motion

Alania Starhawk

A Few Moments Before I Went To Sleep Last Night…My 9 Year Old Son Came In To Ask Me “Mom, If I See A Shooting Star…Can I Wish For Super Powers??”   I Told Him “Why Wait For A Shooting Star?  Begin Believing That You Have Them For Them To Be Real!!”

The Answer Flowed From Me.   It Wasn’t Work.  I Believe In Teaching Children That Anything Is Possible…When We BELIEVE!!   And THEN…I Had A Long, Intricate and Beautiful Dream That Taught Me Something SO Important!!   We ARE Capable Of Being One With ALL Energy…ALL Light.

In My Dream…I Saw A World Where Crops Were Planted, Grown and Harvested With Only My Thoughts and Focused Energy.     I Saw A World Where My Energy Commanded Vehicles To Move and The Physical World Was No Longer A Limitation…But An Experiment of What IS Possible.     I Saw Myself Heal Others In…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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