L’AURA PLEIADIAN: “Awakening your Light Body ~ Activating your Blueprint”

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“As the Consciousness of your Divine Self awakens, the Kundalini at the base of your spine begins to rise.  This rising, purifies the energy centers of consciousness, your chakras.  This purification, awakens higher Dimensional frequency LIGHT of the Divine You.”

 ~L’Aura Pleiadian

Deep within the recesses of your cellular consciousness are the codes of Light, when activated at the Blueprint Level, awaken deep profound shifts in your consciousness.

Just as you do not need to think about keeping your heart pumping, or managing the flow of blood. So too, the subconscious activation of memory, and your awakening, take place, beyond the trying level of conscious awareness.

The Activation of your DNA, your Chakras, your Light Body, your Ascension, takes place at the deeper levels, within you.

You as Light. You as fully awakened. You as the fully risen activated Kundalini. You as your Body of Light.

I will share more…

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