Time for some straight talk – The Council

Rainbow Wave of Light


As always, we are aware that much of what we speak about will not be new to many of you. However, it may be for others, and we ask that you allow us to point out a few things.

We wish to discuss the violent acts that some on your world commit in the name of their gods. And we would include violent speech and violent thoughts, as well. While we are about it, let us also include the drive to control the acts and thoughts of others who do not choose to live as one would wish them to.

Can you imagine that they are acting out of fear and immense insecurity? In order to explain what we mean, let us share some of the sort of unconscious thought that goes into these sorts of responses to life. Many of these souls are called fundamentalists of one sort or…

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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