Steve Beckow – Living Utopia – 6-30-16

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UtopiaSteve Beckow

Many people have written utopias, Sir Thomas More, Sir Francis Bacon, and Robert Owen among them.

The difference between us and them is we’re living into one; one is materializing before our eyes. And, best of all, we have input into its design.

Their utopias represented their farthest seeing while in Third-Dimensional density. Ours are taking shape even as we rise in consciousness, out of 3D denseness.

Just as they enunciated their utopias, so it’s appropriate for us to enunciate ours as well. Enunciating it makes it more real given that thought forms are creative.

This time around, it won’t be a paradise for just racial supremacists. Or religious fanatics.  It’ll be a paradise for everyone and no one will be able to enter it except they’ve divested themselves of their hatred and arrogance.

Even if they could storm the gates of heaven, they wouldn’t be able to…

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