Varberg 29th of April 2016

Varberg 29th of April 2016

a personal prayer for a specific family in Syria-

How personal can it be when all this affects so many persons?

The power games by some can effect so so many families.

I cannot watch this happening any longer. I cannot be quiet.

What and how can anyone(yes they can) feel or think for their own benefit) that other people´s lives are not important?

A young man here in Sweden is waiting for his wife and two children to get out of Syria to come to Sweden.

Papers have gone astray telephone contact missing…..

No knowledge about their whereabouts..

Please pray with me for their welfare and may my prayer be extended to all others too.

Let us dream the beautiful world Terra together NOW!

You and I and you and you………..

We can… we will… we shall… we like to…. we love to

Create this Terra New earth together together together—amen


Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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