Eliza: “Waves”

Blue Dragon Journal


Eliza:  “Waves”

Soon after I arrived back “home” this morning from my long walk, I felt a strong energetic wave pass through my body.  This is nothing new as I’ve been feeling these for years, but the waves do seem to be intensifying.  I briefly felt nauseous as well, as my body sought to adjust to the onslaught of unseen but felt energies.

What can one do to combat the effects of these energetic pulses?  Nothing; your body has a huge capacity to adapt and adapt it will (or not) as the energies continue to batter our world.  We and our mother, the planet, as well as our solar system, are currently undergoing an upgrade.  Some people know it as ascension, but it is also cyclic in nature, as all universes and their smaller components undergo cycles of descension and ascension.

I have found that eating smaller, more frequent meals…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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