Eliza: Dealing with Bleed-through

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DSCN0681Eliza:  Dealing with Post-Traumatic Syndrome Bleed-through

Currently, I’m living with a powerful intuitive healer, Maria Bethencourt.  Her interdimensional gifts are opening up at a rapid rate as the days pass.  This morning, on a simple ride to the store, she mentioned that sometimes she feels rather overwhelmed by the information that is pouring in as she passes by or scans other humans.  The trees, birds and other living creatures speak to her, the skies and the elements communicate their messages, as well.

Out of curiosity, I asked if she could “see” my past lives.  Of course she could and mentioned a theme that needed work and release.

Apparently in many of my life times, I’ve worked against the accepted paradigms, enforced by whoever was in power.  For that I’ve been beaten down, destroyed and killed lifetime after lifetime.  As with anything, this kind of energy is carried through the etheric…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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