Lord Sananda via Kathryn E May – Be Gentle and Compassionate as WE PREVAIL! – The New Earth Times, #40 – 11-29-15

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Lord Sananda

Lord Sananda  –  Source


Beloved Brothers and Sisters of the Light, we are aware of your discomfort, your struggles, and even your doubts. It is understandable that you should be discouraged at times. This lifetime has been a rollercoaster of painful disappointments and betrayals in the public forums, and most of you have experienced such painful experiences in your private lives as well. We know how difficult life on Planet Earth has been, and we come close to you to offer solace, comfort and encouragement. We know how tired you are on this last leg of our thousand-year marathon, but I am here to shout it across the mountaintops: “We prevail!”

The Light on Earth increases moment by moment, by small and steady increments. We are all helped by Mother and Father God in the form of their Loving energies that sweep across the globe, gently settling into the…

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