Message From Mary Magdalene – Channeler Lea Chapin – 11-24-15

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Message From Mary Magdalene   –   Channeler Lea Chapin   –   11-24-15


Greetings Dear One, yes it is I, Mary Magdalene. As I come into each of your energy fields I feel a great deal of excitement and also trepidation, for today it is about liberation, it is about moving forward into spiritual liberation. At our last gathering Christ spoke about the beautiful energy of peace that is running through the ley lines and the grid lines of this planet, and the unification of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies upon this planet.

As we have unified and united our frequencies upon this earth plane, there is a great deal of excitement and also anticipation of what this energy will bring forward. Many of you are holding within your hearts fear of earth changes and what might come as this energy brings forth its powerful energy of freedom. I…

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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