Angelic Assistance is Quantum Superpositioning

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Silent Winds of Change

Quantum Superpositioning

Angelic Assistance is ‘Spooky action’ or Quantum Superpositioning.  How do like that match up 🙂

Everyone with “Common Sense” is connected with their Higher Self, most just don’t realize what that special extra voice in their head is.  With this connection you are able to “use” Angelic Assistance which I am also saying is really ‘spooky action’ Quantum Superpositioning.  You are truly welcome to just consider it Angelic Assistance if you wish, they both use the same powers of the infinite.

How does Quantum Superpositioning work with those of us who have a higher self connection?  Let me give you this example from my nearly getting hit by three cars today.  Am I a professional driver?  No, but today it appeared to be so.  I was going onto a highway.  As I was speeding up with the other cars I glanced in my side mirror to see where I could…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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