Anrita Melchizedek – The Mayan Pyramid of Creation – 11-19-15

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Anrita Melchizedek   –   The Mayan Pyramid of Creation   –   11-19-15

By Anrita Melchizedek
The Mayan Pyramid is in the Grid of Time and Synchronicity.
The Keeper of the Pyramid is Quetzalcoatl.

Within the pyramid, timepieces and symbols are
created in accordance with the Laws of Creation.
They are carried throughout the matrix combining
all wisdom and knowledge within their design.
They fit together as the gears of synchronicity forming
the totality of human experience.

In dreamtime and meditation one moves within the matrix
attracting the keys that synchronize with all needed experiences.
And Quetzalcoatl created encoded keys within his timepieces
to guide the souls into higher consciousness.
He placed his keys within the matrix to
be found by those who were chosen,
so they may teach humanity about the
changes that occur at the end…

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