Journal Entry 10.31.2015 (Part Two) “Out of the Dark, comes the Light”

Blue Dragon Journal

“Ginko Gold”

Journal Entry 10.31.2015 – Part Two, “Out of the Dark, comes the Light”

A “new” friend on FB commented on how she didn’t understand why such a positive person like me would be working in such a dark place like the prison. For many years, I didn’t quite understand how I found myself there either, but understandings are arriving at the door of my awareness every day now.  Remember, “darkness” represents ignorance or lack of understanding, whereas, “light” represents information, knowledge or wisdom.  I have learned much…

As a society we are both intrigued and frightened by the “dark”. We have forgotten our roots to Nature. Western society has trivialized the ancient “pagan” ceremonies and tweaked the our collective memories so much that we truly believe that witches wear black and have green faces, warts and fly on brooms. Wiped from our collective consciousness is that the current…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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